Be a famous chef at The CC Palate!

Love to cook and create variations on recipes? Join the calorie counting contributors here at The CC Palate! There are only a few rules starting with the understanding that the recipe you send is one you actually make and love. Please don't send recipes that you think sound good but have not tried.

  1. You cannot copy word for word an existing recipe published by others. The ingredients are not copyright protected, just the directions. Likely you have changed something about the way the recipe is constructed anyway - and even more likely the ingredients or proportions too, so your version should be different and just fine.
  2. If you got the recipe from a book or a website tell me where you got it. Let me know if you are unsure as to whether it is ok to use. Visit this website to find out about Recipe Copyrights. It's very simple and straightforward.
  3. Email me measurements for every single ingredient. I know many recipes are taste and change at whim, so also include a list of changes you sometimes make. If I have questions I'll ask for clarification.
If you have a good photo of the completed dish, that's awesome, email it to me. It is not required, but more people will want to try your recipe after seeing a picture of it!

That's it! All there is to it. Three rules. If I accept the recipe, I will do the nutrition analysis and post the recipe.

When your recipe posts, share the link with all your peeps so as to augment your famousness!

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