Sunday, September 25, 2011

Recipe Challenge! #3

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Ok friends, here's the newest Chefery Challenge! -

Take this recipe for baking powder biscuits as your starting point.

Now comes the hard part. Convert the recipe to weights instead of measures. It's not cheating to look about for biscuit recipes that use measurements to get the weights.

Then, use the following ratio as your guide and make flaky biscuits that are healthier for you. In particular, I'd like to see what we can do to remove the partially hydrogenated fat out of the thing, but you are free to improve as you see fit:

for each 9 oz of flour, use 3 oz of fat, and 6 oz of liquid

Your choice as to what each of the three main ingredients will be – your fave flour(s), your fave fat(s), and your fave liquid(s) – all weighed in the proper ratio and baked up with the necessary other ingredients into a proper biscuit. 

Why? Well, weights will give you more consistent baking results than the old timey measuring that we all used to do. And the ratio will get us all thinking outside the biscuit a bit and I bet we get some terrific results!
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