Sunday, August 7, 2011

Janice's Potato Leek Soup

I make this a la Julia Child, with minor variations! It's very elegant yet quick to make. The nutrition facts are at Calorie Count!

with creme fraiche and chives
Potato Leek Soup


5 c potatoes, peel and chopped
3 c leeks, slice thinly
8 c water
1 T salt (I start with about half and add more if needed, but I eat reduced sodium and am accustomed to less salty flavors)
½ c cream (or butter)

Optional Garnishes (set out at the table and let your guests choose their favorite):

1 tiny sliver of butter (my fave, love it with the peppery watercress flavor)
1 t creme fraiche (from Julia's books)
1 t chives, snipped (I am not a chive fan, but Julia loved to add them)


Peel, rinse and dice the potatoes.

Thinly slice the white and very light green part of the leeks. Soak in water, refreshing the water a few times to remove grit - and leeks just love to contain grit, so don't skip this part. Drain well.

Simmer veggies with water and salt for about an hour or til very tender.

If you want it smooth like Julia makes it, use a blender stick to puree (Julia did not approve of food processors). If you don't have a blender stick or just want it a bit chunkier (my preference), plunge an old style potato masher in it a few times to smash some of the potatoes a bit. Taste and add more salt if necessary.

Add the watercress to make it beautiful and more peppery in flavor and simmer a minute - add as much as you like, it's good for you as well as tasty!

The soup can be refrigerated at this point if not serving immediately.

If you are serving the soup right away, after it is pureed stir in either the cream or butter – a creamy or buttery soup is your choice. If you love the flavors before the fat is added, do stop here and save yourself a few calories.

For an exquisite presentation more like Julia Child's famous soup, skip the watercress and add to each serving a dollop of creme fraiche and an artistic sprinkle of chives.

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  1. My grandmother always made this soup. I have been making it with sweet potatoes for a nutritional boost. It is very good garnished with dill.