Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hollie's Fantastic Frijoles

Much lower in calorie and fat then you will find in a restaurant - tastier too. Top these frijoles with a heaping tablespoon of Hollie's Pico de gallo (see May 27, 2011).

The nutrition facts can be found at the best FREE place on the web to count your calories - Calorie Count!

Pinto Beans

Serves 8


1 lb dried pinto beans
8 cups water
1/2 large white onion, chopped
1 serrano pepper, ribs and seeds removed, chopped
2 strips meaty bacon
2 tsp sea salt, divided
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp cumin


Pre-soak beans using preferred method, then drain and rinse.

Place beans, water, onion, serrano, bacon, and 1 tsp salt in crock pot. Set heat on high and allow to simmer with the top tilted to vent. Simmer 8 hours, until beans are tender enough to mash. Stirring isn't necessary, but feel free if it makes you feel progressive.

Scoop out about 2 cups of water from the crock pot and set aside.

Using a colander, drain remaining water from pot, and return the bean mixture back to the empty crock pot.
Add remaining salt, pepper, and cumin.

Now, when it comes to mashing, preferences vary. Some people like their frijoles very smooth with no lumps. I prefer lumpy with lots of whole beans interspersed in the mash. That being said, if you like smooth beans, use an emulsifier or hand held blender while slowly incorporating the reserved water, until your desired consistency is reached. If you are like me and prefer lumpy beans, using a potato masher, mash to the desired consistency while incorporating the reserved water.
Frijoles are delicious as a side or served as a bean burrito!


Add the water slowly. I only use about a cup of the reserve water personally, but everyone has their own tastes and you may prefer the additional liquid mixed in.

Also, a general rule, beans will dry out a little once they are refrigerated. So, if you are reheating these after the original meal, stir in a splash of low-fat milk to fluff 'em back up.

Freezes/thaws easily, so you can eat half now, and save the rest for the next Mexican food night!

May be cooked on low in a covered pot on the stove if stirred every now and then. More water may be necessary.

8 side dish-sized servings
8 1/2 hour prep/cook combined

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