Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Janice's Split Pea Soup

Soup is a wonderful friend for people trying to lose weight. As long as it is not heavy cream based, it is usually healthy and low calorie making it an anytime food. Make up a big pot and have a bowl of soup as as snack instead of crackers and cheese.

nutrition facts for 10 servings.

Split Pea Soup

1 pound  dried green split peas
7 c  water
2 c  ham, cooked cubed
1 t  olive oil
2 c  carrots, chopped
1 c  celery, chopped with leaves
1 c  onion, chopped
1 c  potato, diced
2 t basil 
1 bay leaf (remove before serving)
1 t  garlic powder
1/2 t  black pepper
1/4 c  parsley, chopped


Sort and rinse the peas a few times in a colander. In a Dutch oven, bring the peas,  ham, and water, to a boil. Cover to simmer. Stir occasionally for about a half hour.

Saute the the chopped veggies (except for the potatoes) in the olive oil a bit and then add spices (but not the parsley or Tabasco) and saute a minute more - if you want you can add salt.

I never add salt unless it is a required element of the dish. If I want a bit of a salty taste I am more likely to add a few shakes of Tabasco sauce...ok, I add a bunch of shakes, but you could try a few and then add more if you like the flavor do so at the end. Remember, the ham is salty so try not adding salt.

Add the veggies (including the potatoes and Tabasco) to the peas. Continue to simmer for approximately 1/2 - 1 hour or til veges are done cooking (cooking more is fine but the peas will rather melt, some of you will prefer that!). Stir occasionally. 

Stir in the parsley and adjust the seasonings to your tastes. Remember that every recipe is just a starting point and you make the changes to suit you.


If you like a more creamy soup, cook it til the peas dissolve more, or add some condensed milk. If you like chunks, stop the cooking when the soup has the texture you love.


  1. I LOVE Split Pea Soup, but have never made it. DH always makes it, but sometimes it's good, sometimes...
    I'm going to print and post this recipe on the fridge. Thanks!

  2. Hi Edna, it is a delicious soup. Also had a couple suggestions for taste variations that I think I'll try myself sometime - either a little white wine for depth or a splash of Worcestershire sauce. I love it as it is though. :D

  3. This looks SOOO good, Jan.